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Using the latest in Virtual Reality technology, Sixth Sense offers our clients an unparalleled, all immersive experience, tailored and created based on your very own preference of the moment. So, if you're in the mood to soar over the Himalayan mountains or swim with a frenzy of White sharks in the deep seas of the Atlantic Ocean, the choice is yours. Now imagine, incorporating all of your senses in a unique explosive fusion of heightened sensations and limitless feelings. Professional Touch therapists find the connecting points from your head, hands, and feet that can launch you down the biological highway of peace and serenity. The session will leave you feeling stress and tension free, ready to face the world with new found wholeness. 

A new concept of the Adult Playground.  Lose track of time in a virtual world of choice and travel the world with the ease of just a few clicks. Relieve your stress with a cold pressed CBD shot, full of Life and Relaxation. Let the scent of Lemongrass and Jasmin lift your spirits into the clouds full of positivity and enlightenment.
Let the sounds of the ocean waves and wind blow slowly through your hair.  Finding the balance between the everyday work life and Happiness.  
Feel Recharged, Feel Limitless. 

We incorporate cannabis products such as CBD and terpenes in a variety of drinks and infused foods. The compounds in the cannabis will act to further promote relaxation, ease muscles, and relieve anxiety throughout the entirety of the VR session and continue into your day.


virtual reality wellness

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