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Making Sense



The sense of sight manifests itself through the eyes, which detects color or light. The eyes have the ability to perceive images and see visible elements. The brain then interprets the images. It is the second most dominant sense. We cater to this sense by the use of relaxing virtual reality worlds accessible by our multi- sensory VR goggles.


The sense of smell manifests through the nose. These scents travel directly to the olfactory cortex of the brain. The brain then interprets the scent and translates it into information that we are able to recognize as specific aromas. Through the use of essential oils, we incorporate custom aromatherapy scents during VR sessions to enhance awareness and relaxation.



The sense of sound manifests itself through the ears. Vibrations from noise move fluid in the cochlea like ocean waves. The brain then deciphers these waves as specific sounds and you can then recognize the vibrations as music, a persons voice, etc. We use custom playlists that include binaural beats and meditation music to appeal to the listeners ears in a calming way during their session.


The sense of taste manifests through the tongue. Taste is the sensation produced when a substance in the mouth reacts chemically with the taste receptor cells. Taste and smell are actually naturally connected. Much of the "taste" of a food is simply the smell of it. The tongue detects tastes salty, sweet, sour, and bitter. Through the latest Nano technology,  the effects of your single or double shot Elixir should take you into your tension free zone in minutes.  CBD and THC both work on the same receptors in the brain, although you will not get the high associated with THC, you can experience the full body relaxation that the terpenes and other beneficial aspects of the plant have to offer. 



The sense of touch manifests through tiny nerve endings in your skin, which cause sensations to occur. At Sixth Sense we top off your VR session by including a Therapist that is trained in giving head, Hands, and Feet massages. you will be blown away at how soothing and relaxing a cranial massage can be.  They will focus on delivering light strokes to your entire skull and neck, or hands and Feet. Wherever your heavy or polluted points are located, we will work our hardest to release that energy back into the wild. 
Human touch is powerful and extremely therapeutic and will make your experience that much more exhilarating.

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