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We live in an everchanging and evolving world. Mental Health issues are at an all-time high, whether it be anxiety, depression, PTSD or even Covid. This is not even mentioning all these new emerging stressors and past traumatic mental burdens we deal with on a daily basis.  

Sixth Sense's experiences can help in easing some of these troubles away and help promote a new sense of calmness and balance to help built resilience against it all. 
Think of it as a high dose of Vitamin C for your Mind and Soul.
Sixth Sense has created a one of a kind multi sensory experience on the foundation of the already booming business of virtual reality. Our virtual reality wellness lounges will be like no other. They will be pre-fabricated for optimal tranquility, from the color schemes and lighting, to the furniture and CBD bar. 


Once our customers remove themselves from the comfort of their virtual reality, they will be rest assured that the only thing waiting for them outside of the VR goggles is a comfort tailored luxury lounge to continue to bask in their decompression. Our five sensory aspects that we incorporate into each wellness session are our personal vow to each customer that they will leave our lounge with a clearer, calmer, and more peaceful state of mind.


Furthermore, they will be beginning the path to a better sense of mind, body, and soul, and a gain a new appreciation for the future of relaxation and improved mental health. When it comes to becoming the leader in virtual reality wellness, Sixth Sense has proven capable of exceeding the quota in all aspects. With our team of skilled medical professionals and entrepreneurs, we now take the first steps into the future of virtual therapy sessions. Designed for humans, by humans.

Luxury Spa
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